With the Botanical Garden we want to raise the awareness of showing the differences between plants, as well as their families and their historical existence. We want to tell stories about where plants come from and how plants reproduce; spontaneously or with some help of people or animals. We want to collect and preserve special pieces of cultural history together with living plants.

More generally, we want to ensure that the collection of plants is preserved, the garden as a whole is maintained and there as long as possible, visitors can enjoy colors, scents, special stories and the peace and harmony of a small piece of nature "in the middle of the busy, metropolitan city.

In the Garden, NME Lessons (Nature and Environmental Education) are given for the pupils of the primary schools of the Afrikaanderwijk. The Garden forms the backdrop but is also a means for children to learn about nature, biodiversity, sustainability and physical principles in general.

The lessons are developed and given in collaboration with the Steensoep Foundation. For information we refer you to the website of this foundation.

Opening hours

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Afrikaanderplein 38
3072EC Rotterdam

Local seeds, such as herbs and vegetables can also be purchased!

In addition, plants from the garden are also offered for sale or exchange, for example propagated by means of cuttings or tears, and seed that we have harvested.

And will be happy to serve you a cup of coffee or (herbal) tea.

The Green Atelier is our program we initiated to involve people in the exploration of learning new things about plants and other beauties from the nature.

The Green Atelier takes place on Monday afternoon. Attention is given to a large number of topics concerning nature, sustainability and biodiversity in general. Are you interested in participating? Send us a message by phone or e-mail. The more people the more joy!

We always try to organize plant-based-activities for adults, children, the elderly, young people, local residents, tourists, fellow citizens and fellow countrymen. We hope to publish an agenda for this soon.

We love to give guided tours to everyone! The tour can give you an amusing insight of our plant families, their origin, as well as how they settled into our garden. One of the guiding tours we are providing is during the Open Monuments Days in September, where we provide a number of guided tours which can be arranged for groups on request. In addition, a description is available with which the garden can be visited on your own.

For more information about guided tours, please call or send a message to our telephone number 0637554564 or send an email to info@botanischetuinafrikaanderwijk.nl.

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Afrikaanderplein 38
3072EC Rotterdam
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